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The Grupo Jovem Sopro was created in July 2008 with the aim of preparing young dancers for the professional dance areas, and already has in his repertoire four choreographic works. Instantes, SAGA ,Sinfonia and Fora de Rumo” by Roberto Amorim.The Group has participated in dance festivals in the state of São Paulo, country side, cost and Minas Gerais. Under the direction of Roberto Amorim and Tatiana Portella, the Grupo Jovem also participated in seasons along with Sopro Cia de Dança.

Instantes  15 min. ( 2008)

SAGA (22 min.)    (2009) Every human being who doesn’t give up on your goals with ease until to the point of losing or gaining.

SINFONIA (20 minutos) (2010) The work is inspired in an orchestra where the dancers are a musical instruments doing the symphony, where sounds and movements interact in contemporary art.

Fora de Rumo (20 min.)  (2012) Has no direction in my mind, I follow by strident ways
That shivers me, excites me …


Choreographer: Roberto Amorim
DirectionRoberto Amorim e Tatiana Portella

Gustavo Vaz
João Vitor
Luis Mariano
Rogério Werner
Julia BrandãoNathalia SantosThalita FalkLiliane Gomes
Tatiane NeryMaria Fernanda de Almeida
Cinthia Bretoni
Luiza Marquat
Veronica CuencasAngra Reis