Sopro Cia de Dança


The goal of Sopro Cia de Dança is to propagate the dance and trends in order that the culture is presented for the population and assimilated in a relevant way, and become accessible to most. Sopro Cia de Dança presents dance performances that follow a contemporary-set technician, mixing the dance boundaries, theater and poetry, and then forming a hybrid art which  is the basic characteristic of the foundations of miscegenation in the Brazilian culture.

Using a high-level drive technical and artistic, Sopro Cia de Dança shows messages related to everyday and universal themes, working with them in a light, humorous and with a dose of intellectualism. This work characteristic enables direct relationship and the public’s identification with the work, also providing this another form of self knowing, thinking, forming opinions, and above all, finding emotional well-being and entertainment. The Sopro Cia de Dança was founded in November 28, 1999 by Roberto Amorim and Tatiana Portella. Characteristics and goals – already described- joined with Roberto Amorim’s professional experience, resident choreographer of the Company, were also sources of inspiration for artistic creations, so were highlighted and awards in major dance festivals.

The repertoire of Sopro Cia de Dança listed currently twelve (12) works, which are: “Forró é Melhor, JOGADO, Cidade Desvendada, Amar é…, Dança Russa,Ágape, Ilúmina, Quarteto para o fim dos tempos, SENHA, Bem Vindo, O GRITO and OIKOS” Sopro Cia de Dança already has dozens of presentations in São Paulo, other states and international seasons. Sopro Cia de Dança has performed in shows, festivals and special projects in the following cities: Campinas, Jundiaí,São José Do Rio Preto,Botucatu, Ilha Bela,Sorocaba,São José dos Campos,Taboão da Serra, Ribeirão Preto, Corumbá(MS), and other cities in São Paulo. And specific seasons held in Sao Paulo and other cities.: Memorial da América Latina,Galeria Olido,Teatro São Pedro,Teatro Ruth Escobar,SESC Vila Mariana,SESC Santana,SESC Consolação and other united from SESC, Teatro Fábrica São Paulo and others. Florianópolis, Cascavel Paraná, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza and Recife. International Season; Argentina Buenos Aires, Córdoba, vila Carlos Paz. Europa 2014 – Alemanha