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Sopro at the community project “Sonho de Aline” 

In the city São José de Ribamar, in the state of Maranhão, there is a community project called “Sonho de Aline”, that works to offer social protection to children and teenagers that find themselves in risky situations or extreme poverty. Aline can be any child who dreams about having a family and a community life, where the rights that are guaranteed to them are followed through, in conditions of dignity and liberty, according to the Children’s and Teenagers’ Bill of Rights.

According to many researches, Maranhão is the Brazilian State with the worst life conditions for children and teenagers. The extreme poverty situation of the families forces children to work to help the family income. “Sonho de Aline” is a project whose volunteer work really accounts for.

And the Sopro Dance Company has partnered up with the project “Sonho de Aline” supporting the initiative of the project and doing workshops and dance classes with the children since 2012, besides performing at the city of São José de Ribamar and the city of São Luis, at the Arthur de Azevedo theater, with a special performance of the children of the project “Sonho de Aline”, and also from the “Adágio de São Luis” dance school, under the supervision of the director Ana Cristina.

The purpose is to bring art, leisure and fun, in addition to spreading culture in all of its forms, because we believe it is a crucial basis for a well-structured society.

The Sopro Dance Company is directed by Roberto Amorim and Tatiana Portella, with 11 dancers in the cast. To know more about the “Sonho de Aline” project access, or find them at the social networks.