Sopro Cia de Dança

Tatiana Portella

She began her studies at school Studio Arte e Movimento, at 7 years of age, where she attended the child group, winning several awards in national festivals. In 1988 she joined the “ Escola de Dança Joyce Ballet”, participated in the youth group directed by Caca Dávila, in 1991 Cia Ballet Oficina directed by Willian Romão e Marisa Piveta. In 1994 joined cia de Dança Pássaro de Fogo, participating in many national and international festivals, as I Mercosur in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1998- “7 Cia de Danças”directed by Paulo Goulart Filho, Dina Perry and Rogério Maia.

In 1999,Ballet Stágium, directed by Décio Otero and Márika Gidali, for 6 years.

In 1999, created the Sopro Cia de Dança that has stood in the middle of the dance, which has been carrying out work as a director, dancer and choreographic assistant among with Roberto Amorim. She is a teacher and director of Sopro Cia de Dança, and she teaches classical dance and contemporary dance at various dance festivals in Brazil and abroad.